Imagine life if you exceeded your own expectations!! 😎

I’m not going to start by saying any cliches like β€˜6 months ago I was like 150lbs and now I’m like 50...’ as it’s not very responsible to say how to keep your body in check as things have got to the point where there are far more bad things than good things, and even the good things are perceived as bad things..

’Too much of this or too much of that makes you bad, even though it is supposed to make you feel and look great..β€˜

So how do you differentiate between the two, how do you balance the good along with the bad?

It can be done, It’s not easy, and it won’t happen over night..

A few years back I found myself in a rut.. Sound familiar?

I wanted to get into shape, I wanted to eat the right things, go to bed early, work hard at work and enjoy my family, but there was a major problem in everything, and in my master plan...

BAD HABITS - why are bad habits so easy to keep, but GOOD HABITS almost impossible to form?

I had such bad habits, I ate too much, I smoked, I drank too much, and not the water type 😩, I didn’t go to bed early, I was always angry and had a quiet irritation about me.

I would look in the mirror and think β€˜what the hell is that staring back at me?’

Then my life turned for the worse, I became saturated with work, I became distant from my family and β€˜BANG’ it all imploded.

I began losing things, things I didn’t think in a million years I’d lose. My children were fine, but I was missing out on their development, the precious times of β€˜firsts’ like the first tooth, the first time they could dress themselves, the first time they could read, the first time they could write. Not to mention my significant other...

Then work started to get affected, I began to get distracted, not finishing things when I should have, losing massive contracts, losing, losing, losing...

Then a bit of a lightbulb β€˜πŸ’‘β€™ situation happened.

I had hit rock bottom and I had had enough.

It all happened before though..

When I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s I went through a similar situation when my professional career was coming to an end as a footballer. I was clinging on and desperately trying to repair genetic damage that would never recover, I sacrificed almost everything. My house, cars, money and dignity, it was at this point I started to think clearly and to start my career in sports coaching and teaching. This worked extremely well until very recently (where we are above)

The Cycle

What I have realised is there are things called ’Perspective Ceilings’ that are limited by cycles.

We all have dreams and aspirations that we can see ourselves doing or achieving but we are limited by our β€˜Ceilings’ and the inevitable changing of cycles.

I am just starting a new cycle and potential change of direction but am conscious it is a brand new field, one that I am β€˜feeling as I go’ and very nervous about.

I will go into more details of the challenges I have faced over time, but one thing I have realised is that the only limits are ones we place in front of ourselves and the genuine fear of failing.

You see, failing is absolutely fine, it is very natural and is a very focal point for all development in life.

If we don’t fail - We don’t learn - We don’t grow (remember this, as it is vital)


Very recently I have begun to really set, both physical and mental challenges for myself, and the immediate results are quite astounding.

I have been very fortunate in my life to experience professional surroundings within the career I used to have, but one thing that wasn’t given to me, and one thing that is locked within all of us is the will and determination to succeed. The genuine passion to make something your own and let nothing stand in your way to get it. This is now serving me well as I approach things looking for that point of FAILURE.

Ask yourself a question

When you have failed before, what happened?

Was it really that bad? Are you still here? Did the world keep spinning?

Of course it did, this is why when you do anything, push yourself to the absolute point of breaking, then do it again and again until it becomes easier and easier, then push yourself more.

I failed horrifically over a decade ago, and I’m still here. I failed again very recently, again horrifically, and you know what... I’m still here.

I am going to Blog/Vlog as much as as I can to share now what I am attempting to do, something that is going to be very tough, almost impossible, but something I believe will make a massive difference in my life, and hopefully others too.

Will I fail? Damn straight I will, but you know what, I don’t fear that failure coming, I embrace and look for it and will use the negative energy that will surround it to grow, develop and become stronger. I’m in my 40’s now and I’m still on a steep learning curve.

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