Brand New 1-1 Coaching (online/in person)

We here at Advanced Sports Ltd have had, just like most, the most horrendous year since March. Not really knowing what is coming next, not being able to plan forward due to lockdown's and restrictions, and very unsure what the coaching 'landscape' is going to look like.

In the wake of the ever changing news that has, and continues to come out, our services have had to adjust and move with these changes.

This has brought about our brand new service 'Craig Faulconbridge Coaching'

Craig has undertaken a number of qualifications throughout this past year and upskilled his coaching 'tool belt' to include personal and 1-1 Life, Health and NLP coaching.

The new qualifications enable Craig to provide a service that enables the client to successfully understand the subconscious mind and how it affects most of the actions we undertake each day and how to programme it for success. In addition to this, understanding how the body 'talks' to us and what subtle messages it is relaying.

In addition to the Sporting excellence that is already in place, clients can take advantage of programmes that help with

- Professional Sport

- Physical Activity

- Life and Business Goal setting

- Team Sports

- Confidence, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Values

- Weight Loss

- Diet, Nutrition, Health

The New Service is available to everyone, regardless of age and ability, who want to find some clarity and struggle to gain purpose and direction, whether it is in a sporting context or life.

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas

Advanced Sports Ltd

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