ASL Academy for 8-11's continues after the 'Winter Break'

The ASL Academy continues this Friday after the winter break for the 8-11 year olds and has lots in store for the youngster, including 'Hot Tips' for the children to take away with them during the week away from the session.

There is a real 'Buzz' around the format with children being encouraged to develop 'Ball Mastery' and 'Ball Manipulation', areas that tend to get overlooked when teaching and educating children.

'The more a young player can familiarise themselves with the ball, the better chance they have of being comfortable and 'Brave' when in possession'

Academy director and ex-professional footballer Craig Faulconbridge believes that encouraging young players to have more touches of the ball in difficult situations and learning the 'Mastery of the Ball' in these situations is key to confidence and technique building.

The Academy runs every Friday from 4:00pm till 5:00pm, with each session providing feedback and key points for the children to understand how and where they can improve.

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