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Hypnotherapy and NLP

I'm a fully certified and accredited Hypnotherapist incorporating NLP, Health, Sports and personal Coaching to provide a complete holistic achievement for your goals as rapidly and completely as possible

Resolutions for Passing an Exam without Anxiety or Stress, beating a certain Phobia or speaking in public. Also relief from generalised Anxiety and Depression, OCD, Panic Attacks, Chronic Pain and breaking or making Habits and Routines

These techniques have enabled me to discover a whole new world of possibilities and unleash the power from within to take control of both my thoughts, and 'self chatter' to unlock and remove the 'Limiting Beliefs' I have held and to build 'Confidence' and remove 'Stress and Anxiety


Self- Confidence 


Generalised Anxiety and Depression


Limiting Beliefs


Habits and Routines 


Weight Loss


Sporting Excellence

Firstly, lets start by explaining what Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is not. Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries, being described as witchcraft or voo-doo. Some have even gone as far as to say it is mind control making individuals perform silly acts or do things they normally wouldn't, All this belongs in the media and on television.


Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is a guided process where the individual that is in an altered state has full knowledge and control of the process, and can stop it at any time they choose. In fact, the term Hypnosis refers to an altered state where the therapist and individual are speaking directly to, and affecting the 'Subconscious' part of the brain where all the habits and automation are stored and work. It is here, in this part of the brain where we store our limiting beliefs, our bad habits and most of our day to day actions we simply take for granted..

If you can imagine being in a totally relaxed state, allowing your mind wonder whilst being guided by a therapist, fixing deep rooted problems and blocks, this is Therapeutic Hypnotherapy.

Let me ask you a question... 

Have you ever done something and immediately asked your self

'Why did I do that'

Or have you ever said something, or eaten something and asked 'WHY?'

Some problems, habits and routines originate in childhood or within previous experiences in life, the good news is that if there is an emotional component associated with it, I can certainly help.

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