Holiday Courses

Advanced Sports Ltd Holiday courses are a popular and great choice for children, 5-11 years old, who want to enjoy sports and activities, with their friends, in a safe and productive environment. Each course is specifically designed for each location, children and time of the year. Children can enjoy a combination of Sport and Activities from the moment they arrive, to the time they leave at the end of the day, and all from as little as £16 per day.

What does my child need?

A packed lunch, including a snack for break time.

(Please note; all of our holiday courses operate a 'No Nut Policy' and therefore children should not have nuts of any kind in their lunches. In the event that a child does, these will be removed by a member of staff and disposed of. Children must also not share food with others.)

A refillable water bottle.

Wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear. Please do not allow children to wear open toed shoes.

Coats and a change of shoes for the winter months.

Hats and sunscreen for the summer months.

COVID - 19 Update (Thame Football Club)

We have fallen on uncertain times, and with this we have all had to adjust and to fit into a 'New Normality'. This has come at a bit of a cost, this cost being the loss of a natural way of taking part in sport, especially football. But, there is hope on the horizon, and  with new guidelines released by the FA stating the return of grassroots football, we can now look forward to the 'healthy' return to our much beloved sport.

But.....What has changed, Nothing much just some guidance..

  • All children can sanitise their hands if they want before and after playing  

  • Children with high temperatures or showing signs of COVID-19 to be encouraged to hydrate and take a PCR test or Lateral flow if they choose to.

  • Coaches respected on decisions made for health and safety reasons 

  • M

    isbehaving or breaking rules will be sent home immediately.

  • All children to bring water bottle and own hand sanitiser 

  • Children will have breaks every 25 minutes.

  • Written consent from parents that they are happy for their children to take part 

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