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Craig has successfully upskilled his Coaching 'tool-kit' after acknowledging the needs from more and more people to break free from old habits and routines that no longer serve them. And in their place, provide new and constructive ones that can provide positive and lasting habits for the future.

Craig's unique skillset recognises the signals and signs from within, using very unique and specific holistic techniques to guide individuals to take positive steps to create a lasting effect. This, along with combining his extensive knowledge and experience from being coached at the top level of professional sport, has built an extensive 'tool kit' to help individuals rediscover themselves and to find purpose and direction.

         'There is no 'ONE WAY' to coach and help people, this is a myth and one that can be very 

          damaging to a persons progress and overall happiness. The way in which we repair and grow is from

          within, being guided to a resolution through very specific techniques of altering our state and visiting                some difficult places.

          I have been so fortunate to have been involved in Professional Sport at the highest level, with consistent            traits within this environment very apparent, it invariably is not the talent you have but the

          consistency of actions towards a goal that is the determining factor to success or failure, we all fall, but            in falling we must learn the lessons to avoid the danger in the future.'

          Craig Faulconbridge

For a free, no obligation, consultation please contact Craig, he is happy and always willing to try to help.

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" Craig helped me to explore what was holding me back, how I could harness my potential and my existing skills, how to build my confidence, how to combat my anxiety and how I could begin to take action to really start to make my goals a reality. Craig is a real professional, and excellent listener with bags of motivational energy and personable character

Bianca / Hospitality

" Craig helped my son discover his confidence after he struggled with taking scoring opportunities in games and matches. His approach was very enthusiastic and extremely professional. His attention to detail, basing the sessions around repetition and habit building was amazing. I am so pleased with the results my son has achieved as he is very shy and so young being only 10

Rebecca S