Birthday Parties

Birthday parties with Advanced Sports Ltd are bespoke and promise to fulfil each childs expectations to guarantee the experience is not forgotten...

Please see below for the different parties we offer!

Zorb Party

Zorbing is the exciting activity that everyone is talking about! From bumping into your friends, Zorb Football, Bulldog to Last Man Standing, there are games to suit and entertain everyone. We offer two sizes of Zorbs to cater for everyone! 
For boys and girls aged 6+

Nerf Battle Party

A fun-filled, energetic party guaranteed to entertain children of all ages. We provide the Nerf Guns and Goggles, all you need to provide are the guests. The coaches will lead different games to see which team will be crowned the Nerf Champions!
for boys and girls aged 7+

Sports Party

Our sports parties are ideal for children who love sport. We offer a wide range of sports including football, tag rugby and dance, or alternatively you can chose multi-sports where different activities, games and sports will take place!

Laser Tag Party

With lasers that shoot up to 60 feet, who can be the expert marksman and be crowned champion.. Packages available for boys and girls aged 5+ that are fun filled and energetic.
We provide all the equipment including guns and tags.

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